ENCM is run entirely by volunteers- which means the more hands we have, the farther we can reach! If you are interested in volunteering on a regular basis (or just want to help out for a special event!), sign up for a volunteer training event and we can place you where your skills will benefit the most. 


We also want to treat our regular volunteers with as much care as possible- which sometimes means taking a day off for sickness/rest/commitments/etc. If you would like to be on an “as needed” call list for when we are short staffed, let us know at


ENCM exists primarily to connect those in our local community who are struggling with those looking to use their resources to promote social change. Through various and creative fundraisers, we can help allocate those resources in a way that not only provides for those in need, but gives them a way to improve their future status. 



If you are interested in joining a fundraiser, or have an idea you would like to put into motion, let us know so we can join hands- neighbors helping neighbors.


In Person

Want to see first hand what we do? Stop by  for a few minutes with a donation, or a few hours and lend a helping hand.

3115 Gallatin Pike

Nashville, TN 37216


Choose the event you would like to donate to specifically, or simply give a tax-deductible donation online.

Over the Phone

Call anytime to donate by credit card. We love surprise phone calls!


By Email

Looking for more unique ways to help us? Email us any donation or volunteer ideas you have!