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Help Us Stay Alive!

For over 40 years, ENCM has served the underprivileged, under seen, and underfed population of East Nashville. But without the help and support of the local community, ENCM's days of handing out homeless lunches, winter jackets, school uniforms, and monthly food boxes may be coming to an end.

The mission at East Nashville Cooperative Ministry envisions a Nashville where citizens’ needs— spiritual, educational, economic, mental, physical, and emotional—are holistically met, enabling neighborhoods to thrive. They contribute to this vision primarily through access to fresh foods and free clothing, but also through educating our neighbors on matters of food production and consumption. However, with dwindling resources and a constantly increasing line of clients with immediate needs for food and clothing, ENCM's volunteers are often scraping to make ends meet. The year of 2019 alone, ENCM has served 2,400 families and 4,400 individuals, given away over 2,000 articles of clothing, and provided nearly 800 sack lunches for the homeless. This provision is the passion of those volunteering at ENCM, but not the goal. 

ENCM's goal is to create a place where those who are underfed and underserved can not only come to find groceries and a hot meal, but the education needed to continue cooking healthy meals for themselves as well as learning the basics of nutrition in an area still considered a "food desert". 

With the help of the local community (both families and businesses), ENCM can continue to provide immediate access to fresh foods and begin to provide a more holistic service centered around individuals and families learning to care for themselves and the resources available.

Want to partner with us today? Donate securely through our site, volunteer for a service project, or attend our fundraiser in December! We would love to have as many neighbors in East Nashville as possible help us as we seek to serve and love those around us.

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